The Associated Students of Madison University Affairs Committee finalized plans on a textbook affordability postcards campaign Tuesday, which involves creating postcards for faculty members that encourage them to tell students as early as possible what textbooks they plan to use.

Campaign leader Calla Born said the textbook affordability postcards campaign aims to politely “remind” professors that they should list their required textbooks early, allowing students to find the cheapest options.

“We, by sending the postcards to the faculty, are reminding them about early text book adoptions so that they will get them out earlier every semester as soon as possible,” Born said. “That way people can shop around sooner and look for the lowest available prices.”

Committee members plan to hand out 500 of the postcards for other students to sign as well to add a personal touch to the cards. The committee will then send postcards to members of the Faculty Senate.

Committee Chair Hannah Kinsella said including other students in the campaign is important to the committee.

“I’m really excited,” Kinsella said. “I love campaigns that give us the opportunity to engage with individual students on campus and give them a voice on these important issues.”

[Photo by Louis Johnson/The Badger Herald]