A city ordinance proposed by Ald. John Strasser, District 14, mandating all pit bulls in Madison be neutered or spayed was bumped off the docket for discussion for little support from other City Council members.

“We have some other initiatives that are working their way to the drafting stage and by the time this one came back they would be ready,” Strasser said. “We might as well just drop it and incorporate spay and neuter initiatives in a more comprehensive animal humane ordinance.”

Strasser said the original plan was to bring each initiative to the table separately, but other alders felt it was more effective to discuss them all at once.

The city attorney needs to determine where in the city the spay and neuter ordinance would be enacted, Strasser said. He said he is in the beginning stages of updating licenses on humane and zoning laws now to regulate where the breeding of pit bulls will be permitted in the city.

Strasser said vets, veterinarians and vet practices have been included in the creation of this ordinance but in the new version, the Humane Society will be invited to participate as well.

Ald. Scott Resnick, District 8, said Strasser will come back with a different version of the ordinance to present to the council in the future.

Strasser said the council should expect to see the revised version of the ordinance in the summer.