Detectives investigating a robbery that occurred on West Johnson Street early Sunday morning now suspect the incident was not random because the victims cannot give details about what happened.

Madison police spokesperson Joel DeSpain said one of the 19-year-old victims was home during the robbery.

The victim told police he was punched during the robbery, but did not go to the hospital to seek medical attention after being attacked. He also told police he was intoxicated and sleeping at the time of the attack.

“He is not telling us anything, so it is hard for us to ascertain exactly what happened,” DeSpain said. “He says he does not know anything and he slept through it all.”

Generally, if people are involved in drug deals and a crime occurs in their home, they do not give the police much information regarding the incident, DeSpain said. He added that many robberies in the area that involve injury to the victims tend to be drug-related.

The roommate of the sleeping victim came home later on Sunday morning and realized his safe was missing, DeSpain said. He said the sleeping victim also noticed items missing from his own safe, which led them to believe they had been robbed.

DeSpain said there was no sign of forced entry. It will be difficult for police to identify a suspect as the victims could not give much information, he said.