Was it Nickelback? Justin Beiber? Or possibly Limp Bizkit?

What song a DJ could have played to cause a woman to violently attack him and destroy his equipment, abruptly ending a 30th birthday party Sunday, will have to be left up to the imagination.

The gathering was taking place in a second floor party room at Brocach on the Capitol Square.

Madison police spokesperson Joel DeSpain said the suspect clearly did not appreciate the type of music the DJ was playing at the party.

“The woman who was hosting the party believed the DJ was playing music that should not have been played,” DeSpain said. “But the type of music or why that person became so enraged is not clear even to the people at the party.”

When officers arrived at the scene, the DJ was bleeding from the head after being punched and scratched by the suspect, DeSpain said.

A police report said the suspect picked up a glass and threw it at the DJ’s head. The DJ ducked and avoided being hit, but the glass did break one of the restaurant’s windows overlooking the Square, the report said.

Although all of the DJ’s equipment – his laptop, headphones and microphone – was smashed or thrown by the suspect, no one else at the party was injured, DeSpain said. The suspect remains at large and faces several tentative charges.

“We have not arrested her,” DeSpain said. “We have a name we believe is the person, but she has not been located yet.”

According to the police report, the party did not get around to cutting the cake after the dust settled.

[Image via Moda Madison]