Madison Police arrested a suspect for attacking bouncers at Plan B on Williamson Street early Friday morning after they tried to placate him following a fight.

According to police, the suspect Jesse Bodie, 25, was arrested for battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting and obstructing an officer.

Madison police spokesperson Joel DeSpain said the fight inside started after two men began to argue outside of the bathroom. The bouncer decided to intervene when he noticed the suspect confront the other man. Bodie then allegedly grabbed the employee by the head and punching him, police said.

A second bouncer saw the situation unfold, but upon approaching the suspect, he was allegedly punched in the head. A third bouncer intervened but was punched in the nose, police said.

The second and third bouncers became involved when Bodie refused to leave the premise and threatened to continue behaving violently, police said. The first bouncer to intervene in the situation eventually ended the attack.

DeSpain said it has not been determined if alcohol consumption contributed to the violence in this case. However, he said it was quite probable. He said although bouncers may need to exert violence in certain situations, it is not typical they need to defend themselves.

“Most bouncers do a good job with keeping patrons safe, unfortunately some bouncers do end up being battered on occasion,” DeSpain said.