In a different kind of Grand Slam, 24-hour Denny’s locations around town have a way of cropping up in the city’s crime reports, with shots reported outside of the restaurant just last Sunday.

Here’s a look at the most memorable incidents that broke out over eggs and bacon.

3/9/14, Police are investigating shell casings and blood found in Denny’s lot, Theirer Road

Police were called to a Denny’s parking lot Sunday after gun shots were reportedly fired. When officers arrived on the scene, they stopped two cars leaving the area and interviewed multiple individuals about the incident.

Although shell casings and blood were found in the parking lot, no suspects or victims have been identified.

6/9/13, Three women slapped a Denny’s security guard and threw glass at the manager, Theirer Road

When a Denny’s security guard approached three women after they caused a ruckus, a physical altercation began. One of the women slapped the security guard across the face while the others chucked table condiments at him.

When the guard attempted to restrain them, one of the women slapped the back of his head, causing him to lose his grip on another member of her group. As the brawl continued, one of the women hurled a glass at the restaurant manager’s head, leading to him getting stitches.

2/21/12, Man claims to be the new general manager at Denny’s, makes himself food, carries illegal stun gun, Theirer Road

A man entered Denny’s saying he was the restaurant’s new general manager. The current manager called the Denny’s corporate offices to confirm her suspicions. In the meantime, the man had made himself a burger and fries in the kitchen and helped himself to a soda.

When police arrived, the man continued to say he was sent there as the new general manager and there must have been a mistake with the paperwork. The man was later arrested, and police found an illegal stun gun on his belt.

1/9/12, Derogatory name-calling and battery, Gammon Road

Police found a 19-year-old woman and 30-year-old man beating each other up in the Denny’s parking lot after being called to the scene when a witness spotted a handgun. No weapon was found, but the 19-year-old woman said she punched the man because he was calling her derogatory names.

3/14/11, “All he could think about was crack,” Theirer Road

A man entered a Denny’s asking the cashier for change in quarters for $2. When the cashier opened the drawer, the man stuck his hand in and grabbed a handful of cash.

Although the suspect successfully escaped past the cashier and waiter, he was quickly taken down twice by a 21-year-old man dining at the restaurant. When the police arrived, the man said he intended to just get the change he asked for but when he saw the money, “all he could think about was crack.”

2/25/11, Woman arrested for marijuana possession and disorderly conduct, Gammon Road

Police arrived at Denny’s parking lot to find an altercation involving between 15 and 20 people, with an additional 40 to 50 spectators. One woman was arrested when she continued the altercation on a nearby street after police had broken it up. When police arrested the woman and found marijuana on her, she claimed: “That’s me, that’s where I come from and that’s the way we do it.” 

[Image via Flickr user jking89]