Three separate battery incidents occurred downtown over the weekend, including two on State Street and another at 20 North Pinckney St., according to a Madison Police Department incident report.

North Pinckney Street 

A police report said two men attacked a family was attacked Saturday night while they were walking from the Old Fashioned restaurant on North Pinckney Street.

Police spokesperson Joel DeSpain said one of the victims, a 28-year-old male, suffered a broken jaw, fractured finger and chipped teeth in the incident. DeSpain said the 58-year-old father intervened in the attack, helping to de-escalate the situation until bouncers from a nearby restaurant arrived to help.

DeSpain said incidents like this are not at all common in Madison, although increased patrol downtown aided a fast response time from law enforcement.

According to the report, police have arrested two suspects, Daniel Barsch, 24, and Kyle Bevilacqua, 24. Barsch faces five counts of substantial battery, battery and disorderly conduct, and Bevilacqua faces five counts of disorderly conduct, the report said.

State Street 

Just hours later on Saturday night, police arrested Michael R. Zaiss, 22, on the 500 block of State Street for disorderly conduct and possession of cocaine, according to DeSpain.

The incident report said there were two 22-year-old male victims from Madison involved. After some name calling, one victim was punched in the head and the other suffered a head-butt that may have broken his nose, the report said.

Again, DeSpain said the increased patrol downtown during late-night hours helped catch the suspect. Police encountered the incident outside the Roast Public House during a routine patrol, he said.

Another battery also occurred on State Street early Sunday morning, where some shoving escalated into a fight outside Diego’s Mexican Bistro.

DeSpain said the victim was kicked twice in the head and rendered unconscious, allowing the suspect to flee. According to the report, the victim regained consciousness several minutes after the attack and was taken to a hospital by ambulance as a precaution.

DeSpain said the suspect has yet to be found, and police are still investigating the case. The suspect is described in the report as a black male in his early thirties, weighing around 275 pounds.

In these types of situations, bystanders should use their best judgement in determining how to react to fights, DeSpain said.

“If you’re able to de-escalate a situation without putting yourself at any risk, that would be what you should do,” DeSpain said. “We don’t want additional people getting injured.”