Madison police are investigating a possible link between two robberies at different Associated Bank locations.

Madison police suspect a connection to exist between a robbery at the Associated Bank inside of Copps grocery store Wednesday on South Whitney Way and a separate incident on Feb. 20 at the Associated Bank on McKee Road.

Madison police spokesperson Joel DeSpain said detectives who are working on these cases noticed similarities between the two in terms of suspect description and the way the robbery took place.

DeSpain said the suspect allegedly approached the bank clerk and demanded money. He said no weapon was seen, but the clerk still felt threatened.

“We have seen this a few times,” DeSpain said. “I think it is a pretty brazen act to be inside a grocery store where there are a lot of people and to commit a robbery.”

These types of robberies tend to occur in a matter of seconds, DeSpain said. He said given the brevity of the incident it is unlikely people felt threatened or even noticed what was happening.

An image of the suspect from the Associated Bank surveillance camera is posted on the police report. Anyone with information that might help identify the suspect are encouraged to contact police.