Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign staff removed a tweet from David Hookstead, creator of the University of Wisconsin Confessions page, that had been featured on their campaign website after public outcry.

Hookstead triggered widespread controversy last semester after writing a letter to the editor in The Badger Herald contending rape culture does not exist on campus.

“Scott Walker has proposed over $800 million in tax cuts,” Hookstead said in the featured tweet, according to the article. “Time to keep Wisconsin growing.”

Jonathan Wetzel, spokesperson for the Walker campaign, told the Journal Sentinel Hookstead’s tweet had been removed from their site, as Hookstead’s previous comments did not reflect the views of the governor.

“The tweets used are a compilation of individuals who have posted supportive comments regarding Gov. Walker,” Wetzel said to the Journal Sentinel. “The previous comments made by this individual are not representative of the values of the governor or his campaign, and his tweet has been removed from our website.”

The story also called Hookstead a “sexist undergrad.”

One Wisconsin Now characterized the snafu as the campaign’s latest the appeal to the “misogynist vote.” Walker has also previously had to dismiss campaign aids for for racist tweets.

“No wonder people like David Hookstead gravitate to Gov. Walker. Governor Walker’s agenda is irresistibly attractive to their racism, sexism and homophobia,” Executive Director Scot Ross said in a statement.

[Screenshot via One Wisconsin Now]