If the Recreational Sports Master Plan referendum is passed and the project overshoots its budget, students will not be called upon to provide additional funding, Rec Sports Director John Horn told the student government at its meeting Wednesday.

The Associated Students of Madison also heard an outline of the selection process for finding a new provost.

Recreational Sports presentation

In his 67th presentation on the Master Plan, Horn said the most important aspect of the Master Plan is to increase the amount of fitness space to meet standards. Rec Sports facilities currently cater to more than 100,000 eligible individuals, he said.

The current standard is 1.5 square feet of fitness space for every one eligible individual, and the University of Wisconsin currently has 15,000 square feet of fitness space total, he said.

Horn said even if the project “overflows” its budget, the students will not be called upon again to provide the needed funding.

He emphasized the importance of student votes in the Rec Sports referendum March 3 through March 5.

“For individuals concerned about the segregated fee increase, if the Rec Sports referendum is not passed, student segregated fees are expected to jump $20 to $30 next year in order to fund the necessary repairs for the fitness spaces,” he said.

Provost search and screen process

Search and screen committee representatives outlined the selection process for a new UW provost. The provost position oversees curricular, instructional and research related affairs on campus and also serves as the vice chancellor of academic affairs.

Laura Dunek, a graduate representative of the committee, said it is important to the committee that the student voice be heard throughout the process.

It is important that the finalists understand the unique shared governance system UW has, Dunek said. The system of shared governance is unique in the country, and it is important that the finalist show a strong commitment of the upholding of this system, she said.

Myla Rosenbloom, undergraduate representative of the search and screening committee, said the committee has not looked directly at the positions of the various candidates on higher education affordability and tuition, but it would be a good point to bring up at the upcoming public forums.

Rep. Sarah Neibart said previous public forums like this have been inaccessible in the past due to location and timing. Neibart said finalists should visit classrooms, lecture halls and student housing to better grasp the experience of a UW student on a regular day.

‘Worst House in Madison’ contest Launches

The Legislative Affairs Committee announced the launch of the “Worst House in Madison” contest to promote tenant rights. The project was designed to highlight the deteriorating conditions of off-campus housing as well as tenant rights.

The Legislative Affairs committee is currently accepting applications for this project and the criteria for judging will be released publicly upon the completion of the project judgement period.

The winner will be announced April 7.

Retention and recruitment coordinator position

Liz Cain was appointed retention and recruitment coordinator for ASM starting immediately for this semester.