When Max Toso received a phone call from Kaplan Test Prep saying he had won a $25,000 sweepstakes, he could not even remember entering the contest.

Toso, a freshman at the University of Wisconsin, got the call that he had won Kaplan Test Prep’s Annual 25K Your Way Sweepstakes on Jan. 2 this year. He said after emailing with Kaplan representatives, he remembered he had randomly entered the contest in September at a Kaplan street stand.

“I was so shocked,” Toso said. “I didn’t even really tell any of my friends. I told my family because I wanted to make sure it was real.”

According to a statement from Kaplan, the national sweepstakes was created 10 years ago. It aims to give students different opportunities, from paying off student loans to starting their own businesses.

Toso said he did not believe the sweepstakes was real until Kaplan sent him official documents he had to get notarized by a bank. He said he has not yet done much with the money, except put $5,000 in a certificate deposit that will help pay taxes.

Toso, a biomedical engineering student who spends 30 hours a week at an internship, said he is considering investing some of the money in a brokerage account. Other than that, he said has no immediate plans for his winnings.

“I haven’t really gone out and bought anything for myself,” Toso said. “I don’t really plan on it. I’m not really the type of person who buys things I don’t need.”