Officials have found an inmate who went missing from Dane County Jail Thursday at a local hotel.

Madison Sheriff Department spokesperson Elise Schaffer said Frank Ratcliff, 65, was found by two detectives Sunday. She said Ratcliff left the prison Thursday to attend appointments and never returned.

Schaffer said Ratcliff was a Huber inmate, meaning he was sentenced to jail with special privileges that allow an inmate to leave prison for work release, medical appointments and job interviews.

Still, Schaffer said Ratcliff’s disappearance was “unnerving” for local officials.

“Anytime somebody is sentenced to jail and they go missing, we take it seriously,” she said.

Ratcliff was serving a 90-day extended supervision sanction at Dane County Jail, but now will likely face additional charges of absence without leave, which could extend his jail time, Schaffer said.