Madison police are investigating a credit card theft on Williamson Street on the evening of January 18.

Police spokesperson Joel DeSpain said the female victim visited a few bars in the Williamson Street area that night. The police report said the victim did not realize her wallet had been stolen until early the next morning.

DeSpain said the male suspect used the victim’s credit card at a gas station on East Washington.

“We know the people who came into the gas station, one of them used the credit card belonging to the victim,” DeSpain said.

He said there was another purchase made before the victim cancelled the card. The second store where the credit card was used has locations in both the East and West Towne malls, so it could not be determined where exactly the purchase was made.

Most convenient stores and places where stolen credit cards are used have very good surveillance cameras, so it helps police identify and arrest suspects more easily, DeSpain said. He said this surveillance serves as a good deterrent for criminals.

DeSpain also said the detective working on the case has some leads on a suspect, but there have been no arrests.

[Surveillance camera screenshot courtesy of the Madison Police Department]