Madison police arrested Andrew Schmitt in connection with a case on Williamson Street last week, but not before spoon-feeding him his favorite yogurt.

When police came to arrest Schmitt at a retail establishment Wednesday afternoon, they reported he had just opened a tub of his “favorite lemon yogurt.” The suspect asked for a taste of the yogurt before being brought to jail, and the sergeant in charge complied, spoon-feeding him a bite.

After police arrested Schmitt for second degree reckless endangerment of safety, the arresting officer submitted a recognition form for the sergeant who had fed the suspect, the police report said.

“We talk a lot at MPD about building bridges and turning frowns upside down, but the care and concern that [the MPD sergeant] showed our suspect was truly extraordinary and deserving of department recognition,” the arresting officer wrote in the form.

Madison police spokesperson Joel DeSpain said whenever possible, Madison officers treat the people they encounter with dignity and respect. He added in this case, they were even able to do so during an arrest.

DeSpain said Schmitt was cooperative during the arrest and posed no threats against the officers.

He added Schmitt claimed he struck the victim earlier in the day as a method of self-defense, but since the other man was injured and Schmitt was not, police had probable cause to arrest him. Next, DeSpain said Schmitt’s case will go to the district attorney’s office.

The police report said even the arrestee was impressed by the sergeant spoon-feeding him his yogurt, which he said caused him to realize and appreciate the humanity of police officers.

“I think there are a lot of officers who almost daily try and do what they can to better people’s lives,” DeSpain said. “It is not always possible, but a lot of times we are helping people who truly need help out there. In this case it was someone being arrested, and he was shown some kindness by not only the officer but the sergeant on the scene.”