The Associated Students of Madison’s Student Services Finance Committee voted to support state legislation that would bring all segregated fee spending under students’ control in their meeting Monday.

Student Segregation Fee Autonomy Resolution

Shared Governance Chair Sarah Neibart presented a new autonomy resolution that would give students full purview over their segregated fees through the Student University Fee Allocation Commissions. The resolution was passed with a unanimous vote.

Students currently only have full control over deciding allocable student fee expenditures. The proposed legislation would also bring the non-allocable units, which include the Wisconsin Union, University Health Services and Recreational Sports, under students’ full decision-making power.

Chair David Vines said SSFC should commit and show they plan to take going to take the responsibility seriously.

Rec Sports presents Master Plan budget

Rec Sports Director John Horn proposed a total segregated fee revenue of $3,291,900, which is a $524,800 change from fiscal year 2013-2014. The increase would mean a $6 segregated fee increase per student.

With 15,000 intramural sports participants, 500 student employees, and more than 40 sports clubs, the recreational facilities are becoming increasingly popular, Horn said. He said in order for the programs, services and facilities at the university to be maintained and improved, additional funding is needed.

Horn said the request for the increase is two-fold: if the upcoming referendum on the new Rec Sports facility is not passed, the $6 will “address immediate major repair maintenance issues.” If the referendum is passed, the $6 will be applied as a credit to the $108 increase for Master Plan projects.

Horn pointed out there was no segregated fee increase at UW between 1991-1997, causing the university to fall behind standards for facilities and programs around the country.

SSFC will make a budget decision on Rec Sports next Monday, February 17. 

$13 million UHS budget approved

SSFC approved UHS a budget of $13,154,240 after little debate and a vote of 8-0.

Representative Devon Maier said he is comfortable with the UHS budget, as UHS has always done an “excellent job” of explaining what is paid for and what is not paid for with segregated fees.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that ASM currently has control over non-allocable student fee expenditure. However, ASM actually has control over allocable student fee expenditure. We regret the error.