Madison police arrested Steven Price of Madison Friday night for causing a disturbance after he was asked to pull his pants up at the East Towne Mall.

According to the incident report, Price was warned by mall officials to pull his pants up due to his underwear being openly exposed, which is a violation of mall conduct.

Madison police spokesperson Joel DeSpain said Price’s attire is not acceptable in Madison shopping malls.

“You can’t have your pants sagging way down and this guy refused to pull his pants up,” DeSpain said.

As a result, Price was asked to leave the mall but he came back shortly thereafter, the report said.

Police arrested Price after they were called to the scene. According to DeSpain, Price was being “belligerent” and causing a disturbance, which led to his arrest.

“He left the mall and came back and created a disturbance and he was arrested,” DeSpain said.