The man behind the meat supply for numerous high-end local restaurants recently received a meat-processing and meat broker’s license from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Dan Fox, owner of Fox Heritage Foods and Heritage Tavern in Madison, was under investigation by the DATCP after an anonymous tip about his lack of proper processing for his swine, spokesperson Raechelle Cline in the Division of Animal Health and Division of Food Safety for DATCP, said.

Cline said Wisconsin state law requires a processing license to process and sell meat. When someone does not have a license, DATCP works with the meat supplier to get it back into business while in line with the law, she said.

Fox said he raises his animals “holistically” by concentrating on the specific breed. He recognizes what certain breeds need to be successful in regards to “potential for flavor of meat and fat content.”

Fox’s homestead, Fox Heritage Farms, contains multiple different heritage breeds of pigs, focusing on the best pasture and diet regimen for each type.

Fox said he uses wheat and barley instead of conventional feed because it translates to cleaner fat quality, which is in turn healthier for the dinner. There is a close relationship that is shared between farmers and animals, he said.

During the investigation, Fox said he temporarily lost many of his customers. Now that he has gained appropriate licensing, Fox is recovering his clients, he said.

Some of the restaurants Fox supplies pork include Brassiere V, Osteria Papavero, Mason Street Grill and A Pig in a Fur Coat. Fox said he will be supplying meat for all his old customers again.