Students and faculty alike are currently unable to send or receive emails through the WiscMail portal.

According to the DoIT website, WiscMail reported went down at 8:07 pm this evening. WiscMail portal users are currently unable to send emails to any address and mobile devices user are told they have incorrect credentials when trying to connect, the website said.

DoIT members do not know why WiscMail is down and a team is working to resolve the problem as soon as possible, Jack Martin, a staff member said. It is also unknown what caused the outage earlier this evening, he said.

There was a scheduled WiscCal outage Wednesday morning to fix a “faulty patch” in the program, according to the website. This scheduled outage was extended to a full WiscCal system outage due to an inability to fix the faulty patch, the website said.

Martin said DoIT was unsure how long WiscCal will be out.

Update, 10 p.m.: DoIT is reporting as of 9:49 p.m., the issues with WiscMail are fixed.