Despite a fire destroying a building at Windsor Building System’s facility on Atlas Avenue early Tuesday morning, the company has restored normal business hours.

While the investigation to determine the cause of the fire continues, Fire department spokesperson Lori Wirth said officials do not believe the cause to be anything suspicious.

Wirth said the damage to the building on fire is between $1 and $2 million, and although the particular building affected cannot be salvaged, the surrounding buildings have no damage.

According to Amwood Homes spokesperson Liz Singles, the company quickly resumed normal working hours.

“The fire only affected one of our buildings and we have several buildings up there,” Singles said. “The next day, which was Wednesday, we still had most of our people working and we were able to ship out a home on Wednesday. So that disruption was minimal as far as business goes and we are still serving our customers the same.”

Wirth said firemen were chasing “hotspots” throughout most of the day Tuesday and kept a fire watch on scene overnight to make sure nothing sparked up again.

No injuries were reported as a result of the fire, Wirth said.

According to Singles, there were about eight to 10 people in the building when the fire began. She said they all safely exited the building once they noticed the smoke.

“It is only one building so we want to make it clear that there is a lot more to our operations up there beyond that one building,” Singles said.

[Photo by Flickr user Sam Howzit]