A Madison police officer resigned Thursday after admitting to obtaining security footage for “domestic reasons.”

The officer, whose name has not been released, signed the agreement with Interim Chief of Police Randall Gaber and Lieutenant of Police Cory Nelson. The officer had been on an extended period of personal leave which had delayed an investigation into his conduct, a Madison police statement said.

According to the statement, an internal complaint was filed during February 2013 in regards to the officer involved in a “personal domestic situation” and using their authority to “obtain surveillance video from a local business.”

The statement said the officer admitted to taking the footage from the local business for personal reasons, not out of authoritative or investigative need. The officer violated codes of truthfulness and lawful conduct, the statement said.

Nelson said since this was a personal domestic situation, the police will not be releasing additional information about who the officer is, or any facts surrounding the case, in order to protect the family.

He also said violations of this nature have been handled similarly in the past. Nelson said the officer chose to resign instead of being terminated from the police force.

“They are losing their job,” Nelson said. “That would be the consequence.”