The Associated Students of Madison’s Student Services Finance Committee met Thursday to hear a budget presentation for Child Care Tuition Assistance Program.

CCTAP helps low-income student-parents at the University of Wisconsin receive financial assistance for child care while they are studying or working outside the homes, according to UW’s Office of Child Care and Family Resources website.

CCTAP requested a budget of $1,075,100 for the 2014-2015 fiscal year, which is a 2.9 percent increase from 2013-2014. Lynn Edlefson, director of the Office of Child Care and Family Resources, said the increase would not raise student segregated fees.

The group requested increases for their child care grants, salaries, fringe line items and their sick and backup line. In the requested budget, CCTAP reduced the line item for student practicum.

CCTAP also requested a one-time, $25,000 line item for technology.

Edlefson said 75 percent of student-parents often juggled jobs, parenting and school. The challenges of childcare costs are second only to paying tuition and 70 percent of the students they serve have prior year incomes of $40,000 or less, she said.

Jess Clayton, a UW graduate student and single mom to twins, said she would not have been able to complete her dissertation without CCTAP. She said CCTAP provided “crucial support” financially, emotionally and as a resource center.

CCTAP awards average $2,000 for graduate students and $2,893 for undergraduate students, Edlefson said. Undergraduate awards are often higher because the goal is to ensure everyone graduates, she said.

SSFC representatives raised concerns about student salaries and a new rule regarding fingerprint technology as a mandated rule.

Edlefson said the UW Police Department would be helping them with the new technology, but they were currently unsure what the cost would be.

SSFC will decide on CCTAP’s budget Monday.