The Daily Cardinal announced Thursday they will be discontinuing their Friday print edition and cover the news online for the weekend, according to a column from Editor-in-Chief Abby Becker.

The Cardinal will continue to print issues from Monday to Thursday and then will take all content online starting Friday, Becker said.

She said along the course of the semester, the Cardinal plans to expand the Thursday issue to contain more feature articles and have more space to be aesthetically pleasing to readers, Becker said. She said the change may not take shape immediately, but the Cardinal is looking to implement it throughout the semester.

“The goal is to have the Thursday print issue be bigger, carry more feature stories, such as this week’s feature of the history of Library Mall, having a bigger issue on Thursday’s creates more opportunities to create feature-type issues,” Becker said in an interview. “Readers may want to have a bigger issue to read on Thursdays that will be on shelves longer.”

The Daily Cardinal Leadership Committee made the decision after they concluded there would be a great learning opportunity in the days where a non-print issue was published, according to Becker’s column. She also said the staff believes the change will give the greatest learning opportunity to writers, media and business members.

“As most know, the world of journalism is changing as many students know journalism is transferring more online,” Becker said in the column.

She said the Cardinal is not taking away the Friday print issue because of this, although she said it is extremely beneficial for writers to have experience on different mediums.

“The Daily Cardinal has evolved over time as far as social media presence and a mindset with content writing on print versus the webpage,” Becker said. “We are pushing writers to think about their articles in multiple ways—print, online, social media and multimedia—and how they will look at journalism in different ways.”

Becker said the Cardinal also hopes to look at their print issues and webpage as reaching the most people across different mediums.