A Milwaukee County judge dismissed a lawsuit brought against the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee by two former students earlier this month.

Taylor Scott and Mohammad Samir Siddique, who are not currently enrolled at UWM, filed the restraining order Tuesday to prevent the administration from conducting a referendum on a new student government constitution, according to a statement from the Alliance of Students Achieving Progress.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported the judge not only refused to grant the restraining order, but also threw out the entire case.

“We feel strongly that this complaint has merit.  How we handle this from hereonforth is yet to be determined,”  Scott and Siddique said in an email to The Badger Herald. “But understand that while the rights, voice and representation of students is being ceded and abolished, we and other advocates of shared governance cannot be silent and without action.”

Scott and Siddique had been representing themselves in a lawsuit against UWM over the administration’s refusal to recognize the UWM Student Association’s spring elections due to abuses in the election process.

After an independent investigation by a group of administrators from UW-Whitewater, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Michael Laliberte said in a letter to UWM Chancellor Michael Lovell the elections process had many irregularities, including a lack of open debate and availability of party registration forms.

“Based on the issues, it is recommended that the UWM administration not recognize these election results based on a fair, open and impartial process,” the letter said.

Voting in the referendum on a new Student Association constitution at UWM ended Sunday.