Despite public outcry from students that class was not cancelled due to cold weather Monday, neither university police nor University Health Services saw anything out of the ordinary, officials said.

UHS spokesperson Alisa Santeisteban said in an email to The Badger Herald that health services did not treat anyone for cold-weather-related medical incidents Monday.

“I’m not aware that UHS saw any students with cold-related injuries such as frostbite,” Santiesteban said.

University of Wisconsin Police Department officer Erik Pearce said police did not see any extra activity. Pearce said most people stayed off the streets, resulting in a quiet day for police.

However, the very cold whether made for busy day for city and university transportation services. Madison Metro Transit offered extra warming buses at transfer stations, allowing riders to warm up as they waited for connections. Warming buses will also be offered Tuesday.

University Transportation will also offer extra routes of the 80 bus Tuesday for those brave enough to face the cold.