Madison Police Department officers were dispatched after several gunshots were reported on the city’s west side, according to an incident report.

Theresa Terrace residents said they heard between four and six rounds fired near the intersection with Jacobs Way around 7:45 p.m. last night, the report said.

MPD spokesperson Joel DeSpain said there were no signs of property damage, shell casings or any other indications there had been a shooting. DeSpain said without any evidence of a vehicle sighting, all the police department has are accounts from residents who heard the gunshot sounds.

DeSpain said with no other indicators of a shooting, there could be a chance this incident was just fireworks.

“We have had some prior gunshot incidents in this general area,” he said.
“We’ve had some concentration in working with a lot of the good people that live in that neighborhood to resolve any of the issues that might be there.”