Although the University of Wisconsin’s Dean of Students Lori Berquam said this year’s crime rate was consistent with that of previous years, the semester started off with a rash of local crime, ranging from armed burglaries to robberies and sexual assaults reported near campus.

In early September, the city saw a spike when Madison Police Captain Carl Gloede said the area near the 100 block of West Mifflin Street had a disproportionate number of calls for service and more than 200 arrests.

Late September saw two reported sexual assaults on Langdon Street alone, as well as a gunman on Langdon Street, which was later revealed to be a drug-related robbery.

Though the crime rate has tapered off as the year continued, weird crimes continued to keep police on their toes. One of Madison’s criminals hid stolen goods in a pile of leaves in October, which led to his timely arrest. There was also the instance of a bandit barber who boarded a city bus and cut a passenger’s hair.

As of now, Madison police have reported lower crime rates than earlier in the year.