Jeffrey Decker, known for wearing intricate dragon costumes while protesting the use of student fees on the University of Wisconsin campus, was arrested on the UW-Stevens Point campus Saturday night after allegedly violating a restraining order.

Decker, the son of former Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker, D-Schofield, was previously banned from all UW System campuses after allegedly harassing and posing a threat to campus leaders and students during his protests against the use of student fees.

Decker reportedly walked away from police and university security officers and shouted at nearby bystanders, after a caller reported his presence on campus to the police, according to the Stevens Point Journal.

In August, a state appeals court reviewed the four-year ban on Decker’s presence on UW System campuses, which was imposed in October 2011. The court overturned that decision in January.

This story has been updated to include the state appeals court decision on Decker’s injunction.