In promotion of Chipotle’s new “meat” option, the vegan Sofritas, Ellen Degeneres featured Madisonians in her Tuesday talk show, highlighting residents’ “most creative” halloween costumes.

Eleven individuals and group costumes made the final cut, including a Miley Cyrus and human wrecking ball, an Ellen underwear model, a shrub and Degeneres’ favorite duo Gladys Hardy — an 88-year-old woman known for calling the show and saying “I love Jesus but I drink a little” and Andy Lassner, executive producer at The Ellen Show.

Aside from showing off their costumes, finalists also had to wrap unconventional things in tin foil like Chipotle wraps their burritos.

A finalist group dressed as the Super Mario brothers wrapped a cut-out of Bucky Badger, but the Gladys-and-Andy pair’s wrapped bible and beer stein won the competition and the $10,000 cash prize.