Fried and Fabulous owner Steven Lawrence decided he wanted to “take the high road” today and fly a “giant gay flag” in silent protest.

Over the past several weeks, protesters have been frequenting Library Mall with anti-gay messages, most of which Lawrence said he finds offensive.

Today, in direct reaction to the protesters and as the owner of a “proudly gay-owned business,” Lawrence attached a large rainbow flag to his fried-goods food cart, which finds its home between University of Wisconsin’s Humanities building and the Wisconsin Historical Society on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

“Some people want to put up a fight or yell and scream,” Lawrence said. “I put up a giant gay flag.”

Lawrence said it is important for people to recognize that these specific protesters are simply trying to be provocative.

“Rather than engaging in screaming matches its just better to remember that love conquers hate,” Lawrence said. “You have the right to peacefully demonstrate and express your view points as well and this is my high way of expressing my viewpoint.”