Attempted Robbery: Baldwin Street

A man attempted to steal the purse of a 27-year-old woman walking near the intersection of South Baldwin Street and East Wilson Street shortly before 10 p.m. Sunday night.

According to a Madison Police Department statement, the suspect ran into the victim, said nothing and then attempted to grab her purse. It said the woman stopped the man from stealing her purse by screaming and holding onto her purse, which drew the attention of pedestrians in the area. 

“She did the right thing,” MPD spokesperson Joel DeSpain said. “You have to use your own discretion, but with other people around she was able to retain her purse.” 

The man then chose to run off without stealing anything, the statement said.

The statement said he ran east on a nearby bike path. It described the suspect as a black male between the ages of 25 and 30, and six feet tall with an athletic build and wearing baggy clothing.

DeSpain said Madison typically sees an uptick in crime when the weather warms up, and MPD launched a campaign last week to draw attention to the increase in crimes that happen in the summer.

He said this includes burglaries when windows are left open and crimes that occur when there are more people outside.
He added the police in Madison have not yet seen an increase in crime this spring.