Music, bread, speakers and guests were united Wednesday at “Challahpalooza,” an event held by a service organization for a University of Wisconsin Jewish campus center.

UW Hillel’s Challah for Hunger team brought different types of people together for a Lollapalooza-themed philanthropy event that was the first of its kind, according to Challah for Hunger Co-Director of Programming and Communications Emily Grant.

Grant said the funds raised at the event benefited Porchlight Inc., a Madison emergency shelter and food organization, and the American Jewish World Service Sudan Relief and Advocacy Fund, a national service campaign.

The line-up for the event contained several challah flavors including “Gimme More” grilled cheese, “Bein’ Green” basil pesto, “Spice Up Your Life” sriracha, “Pour Some Sugar On Me” brown sugar chocolate chips, “Better Together” chocolate peanut butter, “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” rosemary and garlic, “Pretty Young Thing” plain and a “Countdown” surprise flavor, according to the event’s Facebook page.

“I think it is a great culmination for us this year,” Grant said. “It was a good illustration of how much we have grown and how the organization has flourished.”

Grant said Challah for Hunger raised over $1,000 with “Challahpalooza.” She said this is the most money the organization has ever raised at a single event.

More than 200 attended  the event, according to Challah for Hunger Co-Director of Business Operations Hannah Bern. She said this was more than they have ever seen at a single event.

Since this was the first Lollapalooza-themed philanthropy for Challah for Hunger, Bern said “Challahpalooza” is an event that will continue based on the feedback they received. She said this is the first time guests at a Challah for Hunger philanthropy event stayed to talk to people they might not have known prior to the event.

“They came, listened to music and enjoyed company and food,” Bern said.

Grant said singers at the event included Jewop, Madison’s only Jewish a cappella group, student DJ Malka Sender, Fundamentally Sound and the UW Bobsledders, a student band. Speakers at the event, she added, included the friend of a Darfur refugee, the Porchlight director and Challah for Hunger members.