Although the Wisconsin Alumni Student Board was faced with roughly half the funding it had last year, this year’s All-Campus Party will go on as usual.

In coordinating this week’s events, which started last Saturday, WASB All-Campus Party Co-Director Sean Johnson-Bice said the group had to look for alternative sources of funding since they did not receive any funding from the Associated Students of Madison, as they had in previous years.

In light of this, Johnson-Bice said WASB substituted funding from its All-Campus Party sponsors. He said Pepsi, the week’s exclusive drink sponsor, contributed to funding events, in addition to the large amount of funds received from the Office of the Chancellor.

The changes WASB had to make were beneficial, according to All Campus Party Co-Director Allison Weisman. She said due to the lack of ASM funding, WASB looked to establish partnerships with different student organizations.

ASM was not able to provide any funding for All-Campus Party, Johnson-Bice said, because WASB applied for funds after ASM gave out all of its event grant funding.

“We can do this event even without the help of ASM,” Weisman said. “It feels great that we’ve been successful with this limited budget.”

In exploring alternative revenue streams, Weisman said WASB partnered with We Conserve and the Office of Sustainability, two initiatives on campus that promote recycling, waste control and an overall sustainable environment. She said these two organizations provided support with services and resources.

Looking to the future, Weisman said WASB plans to continue with the model they used this year for funding. Next year, however, WASB will likely change the time of year it applies for ASM funding, she added.

Speaking on behalf of the week, Johnson-Bice said he considers All Campus Party to be a spring version of Homecoming, in that it unites organizations across campus, hosts programs and reaches out to students who would not otherwise be connected.

“I think it fills a hole on this campus that is not really provided by other events,” Johnson-Bice said. “It helps other student organizations promote what they are trying to do as well as what we do for WASB.”

Important to the week is its focus on alcohol-alternative events, Johnson-Bice said. He said WASB’s goal is to provide events that are not centered around alcohol or drinking on campus but promote other aspects of being a Badger.

Quantifying the week, Johnson-Bice said 78,000 students – a quarter of the undergraduate population – attended All-Campus Party events last year. He said they expect to see a similar turnout this year.

Of the five main events of the week, the Bucky’s Urban Odyssey, which brought together 38 four-member teams in an Amazing Race-style race that took place last Saturday, and Monday’s Breakfast with Bucky, which fed 3,000 to 3,500 students on campus, were successful.

Other events this week include Wear Red Get Fed, which will bring together local food vendors and student organizations Wednesday, and Thursday’s club-style Club Bucky, featuring a student DJ for the evening.