Ald. Mike Verveer, District 4, said the gun shop closing unrelated to gun control debate.[/media-credit]

Residents will have a new option for pizza in the Willy Street neighborhood coming in July, with a pizzeria opening in the old storefront of an antique gun shop.

Gilbert Altschul, the owner of Grampa’s Pizzeria, said the restaurant is slated to open the second week of July at 1374 Williamson St. He said it will serve pizza to the diverse and upbeat neighborhood.

Altschul said he is applying for a license to serve wine and beer in the restaurant. He said the license will come before a city alcohol committee later in the month.

“[I’ve received] excellent feedback [about the restaurant],” Altschul said. “People are very excited.”

He defined the target market of the pizzeria as “anybody that’s hungry for good food” and added the Willy Street neighborhood has a broad variety of people and customers.

He said the pizzeria is moving into a location previously occupied by Grampa’s Gun Store, whose owner recently retired and sold the the building.

Ald. Mike Verveer, District 4, said the gun store is not relocating and people will now have to rely more on gun stores on the outskirts of Madison if they want to purchase firearms.

He said the gun store sold mostly used and antique guns. The recent gun control debate in light of recent shootings that have occurred in the United States did not likely have much of an impact on the gun store, Verveer said.

“It’s not like the economy put him out of business,” Verveer said.

Grampa’s Pizzeria will be the first restaurant he has owned, Altschul said. He said he is connected to the neighborhood and grew up around four blocks from where his restaurant will be located. He added he is enthusiastic about the plans to open the business.

“Its pretty much been the plan my whole life,” he said.