Officials from the University of Wisconsin and Madison Area Technical College will sign a reverse transfer agreement Monday, allowing credits to transfer between both of the higher education institutions. 

The reverse transfer agreement will go into effect this fall and will permit Madison College students who have earned at least 30 credits to transfer to UW in order to fulfill remaining requirements for an associate degree, Madison College spokesperson Bill Bessette said in an email to The Badger Herald.

As a result of this agreement, students can receive their associate degree from Madison College, Bessette said. Instead of transferring credits to UW, students can now transfer credits from the university back to Madison College, he added.

The agreement will make it easier for Madison College students who transfer to UW to earn their associate degree, Bessette said.

Madison College spokesperson Cary Heyer said this agreement strengthens the relationship the college already has with UW. He said prior to establishing this agreement, there was no formal way to recognize the value of getting a two-year degree and this provides more incentive for students because they can begin at Madison College and later transfer to UW to receive their degree.

Heyer said agreements like this are not common, as this is the first agreement of its type in Wisconsin.

It is a rare occurrence to have a partnership between a two-year community college and a four-year university, Bessette said. He said it is even more rare among larger institutions.

“For students, it really provides more opportunity and more incentive to continue to get their associate degree,” Heyer said.

Heyer said a majority of Madison College students start at the community college with the idea they will transfer to UW. For students who transfer, this agreement will allow them to be recognized for their associate degree from Madison College as well, he said.

Holding an associate degree can be regarded as more significant for students who do not complete their bachelor’s degree, Madison College Provost Terry Web said in a Madison College statement. It’s an advantage in the competitive job market, he said.

“Each year, hundreds of students begin their higher education at Madison College, then transfer to UW-Madison,” Webb said. “For these students, earning an associate degree may not be their ultimate goal.”

Heyer said this agreement helps to maximize human resources and money. He said by combining resources at Madison College and UW, it will be easier for students to get where they need to be more efficiently.

This agreement also helps students save money, Heyer said. He said it costs much less per year to attend Madison College and this agreement could save students $11,000 each year before they attend UW.

UW Provost Paul DeLuca said in the statement the reverse transfer agreement is a great opportunity for students.

“This agreement adds value for transfer students who have already put in significant work toward earning their associate degree and is another opportunity to strengthen our partnership with Madison College,” DeLuca said.