The Wisconsin Union’s governing body elected four students to assume future leadership positions on the committee in a meeting Tuesday.

A statement said Union Council elected University of Wisconsin sophomore Neil Damron, current Wisconsin Union Directorate Distinguished Lecture Series director, to succeed current Wisconsin Union President Sarah Mathews.

The statement also said the committee elected three students to hold vice president positions. Associated Students of Madison Chair Andrew Bulovsky was elected vice president for public relations, Annie Paul for leadership development and Gary Filipp for program administration.

The statement said these four elected individuals are the result of a long process that started in January. Seven out of a 14-person applicant group were interviewed before the council Tuesday, the statement said.

The one-year term for these newly elected students will officially begin in May, according to current Union Council Vice President of Public Relations Jose Cornejo.

However, over the next few weeks, Damron, Bulovsky, Paul and Filipp will conduct interviews with student candidates to select individuals to fill nine committee director positions and three summer coordinator positions for next year’s Union Council, Cornejo said. They will select leaders to these positions by mid-March, he added.

Cornejo said the nine Union Council committees produce a lot of programming, including concerts, films and service trips geared toward students.

“Having students as these directors allows the Union to stay relevant,” Cornejo said. “Students-for-students produces the best results when it comes to engaging students on campus.”

Cornejo said he believes student-created programs provide the best way for the Wisconsin Union to reach out and create things students can enjoy.

Mathews said in the statement she believes the four elected leaders will advocate for students. She said she is confident those chosen by the council will bring the Wisconsin Union success next year, she added.

“I believe the strength of the Union each year is directly related to the strength of its student leaders,” Mathews said in the statement. “I truly believe they will advocate for students while carrying out the mission of the Wisconsin Union-to be the heart and soul of campus.”

The students Union Council selected yesterday have a mixture of leadership experience, Cornejo said. He said he believes the four that were elected will serve the Union well and do great things for campus.