The University of Wisconsin’s student government funding arm unanimously approved exemptions for three student groups that submitted documents past deadline on Monday.

The Associated Students of Madison Students Services Finance Committee voted to allow Vets for Vets, Campus Women’s Center and Working Class Student Union exemptions regarding paperwork submissions.

Vets for Vets Treasurer Daniel Nelson said he was not informed about the Feb. 1 deadline for turning in his group’s midyear financial report because of an internal issue in his organization.

“It turns out I’m not on the list serve, which isn’t to say it’s not my fault,” Nelson said. “It’s our group’s fault for not turning over properly. I never knew that there was GSSF lists serves. She [SSFC Chair Ellie Bruecker] sent me an email Feb. 3 and I took responsibility for it, thinking it was something we just missed.”

Nelson added he turned in a paper copy of the report the next day and emailed a digital copy that evening of Feb. 4. He said it was completely Vets for Vets’ fault and the next treasurer of the group will be better informed to ensure this mistake is not repeated.

SSFC Rep. Ron Crandall said Vets for Vets deserves an exemption because the group’s error was insignificant and because Nelson attempted to rectify it immediately afterward.

“I think it was fairly quick after deadline based on a technicality,” Crandall said. “They turned it in the next day, so I think that shows on their part it was just an honest mistake.”

CWC also sent the committee documentation about an event it is planning this semester past the deadline. CWC will not use any funding for the event. However, it is required to formally inform SSFC because it is collaborating with another student group who may be using its paid time to host the event.

The committee voted unanimously to grant CWC this co-sponsorship exemption.

SSFC also approved a co-sponsorship exemption for WCSU after the organization submitted its request one day past deadline.