Three similar reports of theft occurred on the University of Wisconsin campus over the past two weeks, according to the UW Police Department.

The three thefts occurred on the west side of campus, near the UW Hospital, according to UWPD Sgt. Aaron Chapin. The property reported stolen in all three reports was a catalytic converter, he said.

“We have a lot of thefts [on campus], but not this specific type of theft,” Chapin said.

Chapin cited the high value of the vehicle parts as a potential reason for the thefts. Catalytic converters contain precious metals and sell for $120 to $150, he said.

Erik Pearce, a UWPD community officer, said the department is trying to create awareness about the thefts. He advised people to look out for their fellow campus community members.

People should look out for suspicious behavior or people, Pearce said. Some examples of suspicious behavior would be someone carrying a muffler or tools in a parking lot or crawling under a car, he added.

“If you see something, say something,” Pearce said.

At this time, UWPD is unsure whether the thefts were conducted by the same person, and currently have no leads regarding suspects, Chapin said.