A campus childcare group and the committee that governs the Student Activity Center took their budgets to the student government’s main financial committee at a Thursday night meeting. 

The Child Care Tuition Assistance Program and the Student Activities Center Governing Board presented their proposed budgets in front of Associated Students of Madison’s Student Services Finance Committee.

CCTAP, an organization which focuses on providing accessible and affordable child care on campus, addressed SSFC regarding its budget proposal request for $1,050,200 for fiscal year 2013-2014.

“We believe that the request that we are making of you is a fair way to help all the students that request help,” CCTAP Rep. Lynn Edelfson said. “If you ask students if more money would be helpful they would say yes, but we really try to be partners with families. We don’t expect you to do everything for everybody.”

Some SSFC members expressed concern with whether the requested budget, an increase from last year’s amount, would still be enough to allow CCTAP to provide more assistance to ensure child care on campus.

Regarding the budget for SACGB, Chair Katie Cary addressed aspects of the $389,520 budget the committee is requesting for the next fiscal year.

Integral to the discussion was the issue of better serving student organizations. SACGB is requesting $30,000 for SAC building remodeling to address requests for larger meeting spaces.

According to Cary, in order to better serve the needs of student organizations, the SAC needs to be remodeled in order to remove some of the “garage-style” small offices and have them be replaced with medium offices.

SSFC will make budget decisions for CCTAP and SACGB at their upcoming meeting to take place next Monday.

ASM Student Elections Commission Chair Mickey Stevens also addressed the committee and asked for it to reconsider the Student Judiciary budget decision SSFC made to lower SEC representatives’ salaries at a meeting Monday.

“I am going to ask you to do that because you guys did not get the full information that you needed in order to make the decision that you did,” Stevens said.

Stevens addressed SSFC’s decisions to zero the salary for SEC commissioners and lower the chair stipend as key issues with the committee’s decision.

By taking away these funds, Stevens said those interested would find no reason or interest in taking either position.

“The cuts that have been proposed are detrimental to SEC and its abilities to carry out its intended functions, which is essential for ASM,” SEC Vice Chair Anthony Dabruzzi said.

The committee ultimately voted to reconsider the budget for Student Judiciary at their next meeting.