The Associated Students of Madison’s student judiciary board settled a dispute between the Chinese Students and Scholars Association over a potential reimbursement of an event.

CSSA filed a complaint against the Finance Committee after they froze CSSA’s funds and chose not to reimburse the organization following its Jan. 29 Spring Festival Gala last year, according to the official decision.

The Finance Committee froze the funds after a complaint was filed with the Committee on Student Organizations, Mickey Stephens, the associate justice on the case, said.

Even with the funds frozen, CSSA followed through with its event, citing difficulty to relocate and reschedule the event as reasons why the gala was not put on hold, according to the decision.

“Finance Committee froze the group’s funds and instructed them not to hold the event during the time the group’s funds were frozen,” ASM Chief Justice Nick Checker said in an email to The Badger Herald.

ASM bylaws give the Finance Committee power not to grant fund expenses that are accumulated before the approval of an event, the decision said. Since the CSSA funds were indeed frozen at the time of the event, the law came into play.

Along with previous ASM bylaws, the committee’s financial policies guideline said it would not reimburse a campus organization for an event that has already taken place, according to the final decision regarding the case.

“[The CSO] ultimately exonerated the CSSA of any wrongdoing,” Checker said, adding that because of this, they believed it was necessary for the Finance Committee to fulfill its reimbursement.

CSSA also believed an exception should be made for the organization because of the difficulties they faced trying to move and change the date of the event, the decision states.

Ultimately, however, the Student Judiciary found the committee to be “justified in the freezing of funds” and CSSA to be ineligible for retroactive reimbursement, Checker said.

The case was dismissed.