A committee of student government approved the budgets of two student organizations for the next fiscal year at their meeting Thursday in addition to hearing their own proposed budget.

The Student Services Finance Committee unanimously approved a budget of $174,068.20 for Greater University Tutoring Services for the next fiscal year and approved funding for Medieval Warriorcraft league.

During debate on the proposed budget for GUTS, several committee members expressed concerns with the food and beverage lines requested for many of the organizations events, particularly the tutor appreciation event.

According to SSFC Rep. Sarah Neibart, in order to stay consistent with other budget decisions, the committee could only approve food for kickoff events and events that are inclusive to all students.

SSFC also approved the budget of the MWL, awarding them $97,177 for this fiscal year by a vote of 8-0. This final approved budget was reduced significantly from the initial budget request of $136,662.29 presented to the committee at their meeting last Monday.

A majority of this discrepancy came from a $61,521 reduction of the equipment line made by the committee, which accounted for a majority of the organization’s budget.

SSFC Rep. David Vines explained this cut was necessary because MWL did not adequately prove that the metal weapons they requested were essential to carrying out their direct services.

Of the changes made to the budget, Neibart said the committee still ensured that the organization would be able to carry out their direct services.

“I think we made the budget more fiscally responsible,” she said.

The committee also approved placing a sunset clause on the rent, liability, equipment and the two warrior training coordinator line items in order to address concerns that the University of Wisconsin Police Department would not approve a waiver allowing the group to use weapons in UW buildings.

This clause stipulated that if a waiver is not granted by UWPD by March 13, the items would be removed from the budget.

“If UWPD says they cannot legally buy the equipment, we should not allow them to buy the equipment,” Vines said.

SSFC Chair Ellie Bruecker also presented the SSFC budget to the committee, totaling $163,692 for this fiscal year.

Bruecker identified an increase in the advertising line of the budget from previous years. While the committee spent no money on advertising this year or last year, she explained she did not want to constrain next year’s leadership to having no funds.

Bruecker also said she saw a potential reduction in the training line of the budget, if the committee should decide to hold the training on campus. However, the committee could vote to provide funding for a paid trainer, rather than the SSFC chair, to be brought in if they wished.

Of the budget as a whole, Bruecker said holistically, it looked good because it reflected necessary changes from the previous years.

The committee will vote on whether to approve the SSFC budget at their next meeting Monday, Dec. 10.