Members of the University of Wisconsin community began the search for the university’s next chancellor this semester in effort to find a replacement for Interim Chancellor David Ward by July 2013.

The Chancellor Search and Screen Committee, representing a diverse array of faculty, community members and students, was formed in September, ultimately charged with the task to fill the vacancy.

The committee, which focused the majority of the semester on receiving input from the community, got feedback through a series of public forums in addition to a meeting with Madison’s business community.

According to committee Chair David McDonald, the public forums and community feedback helped solidify and refine the attributes and characteristics wanted in the next chancellor.

In addition to the town halls and posting the vacancy on the UW website, the committee also contracted a professional hiring firm, Storbeck/Pimentel, to ease the search and screen process.

The committee, which reached a turning point in the search and screen process toward the end of the semester, has an application deadline of Dec. 21 for all prospective chancellors.

Five potential applicants must be suggested to Ward by February for review and will then be presented and approved by the UW System Board of Regents.