Police have arrested a suspect for stealing a cell phone and credit card from a female victim at State Street Brats last Sunday morning.

Brian Bromberek, 29, from Milwaukee, has been arrested on a charge that he stole an iPhone worth $500 and a credit card from the victim, 23, around 1:30 a.m., according to a Madison Police Department statement. He was arrested on charges of theft and possession of narcotics.

According to the statement, the victim left her purse and coat on a bench unattended while she danced. It said a nearby bar patron noticed the suspect and took several pictures of him with his cell phone and quickly showed them to police, who eventually found Bromberek nearby.

“There are items taken when people leave them unattended in restaurants or bars, so we do see that happen often,” MPD spokesperson Joel DeSpain said. “Thankfully [the witness] saw this guy go and take the iPhone and credit card.”

Police were able to retrieve the stolen cell phone and credit card, the statement said.

The suspect could face substantial jail time depending on the final charges, DeSpain said.

“The next step in the process would be for him to be charged,” DeSpain said. “It would be up to the district attorney to review our documentation and actually make a charge.”