A moped caught fire outside a campus residence Tuesday morning, according to a Madison Fire Department report.

Firefighters were sent to the scene of 625 Mendota Ct. in response to a call from the moped’s owner at around 11 a.m, just after his roommate told him his moped was on fire, according to the statement.

MFD spokesperson Lori Wirth said in the statement that when the moped’s owner went outside, the moped was tipped over on its side and showed damage from the fire, although it was no longer burning.

“There was an empty bottle of charcoal starter fluid approximately 10 feet from the moped,” Wirth said in the statement.

The statement said a fire investigator was called to the scene.

Ald. Scott Resnick, District 8, said the incident is the first he has heard of on campus. He said moped vandalism is not particularly common.

Resnick said he is unsure if the owner of the moped had an idea as to who may have started his moped on fire, but is confident the Madison Fire Department will be holding a thorough investigation.

“It’s important that anybody with information contact the fire department or police department,” Resnick said.

He said security cameras on campus would help those investigating the fire find a possible suspect as well.