A man was arrested Thursday night after hitting another man in the head with a fire extinguisher Monday.

According to a Madison Police Department statement, the suspect has been identified as Javonte Woods, 22, of Madison. Woods was charged with disorderly conduct while armed and battery while armed.

The incident occurred on the 4500 block of Verona Road, according to the statement.

MPD spokesperson Joel DeSpain said the suspect was accused of hitting the 38-year-old victim in the head with a fire extinguisher, while threatening to get a gun and shoot the victim.

“We ended up finding the suspect near Capitol Square just before 7 p.m.” DeSpain said.

DeSpain said the man hit in the head was not seriously injured.

Ald. Mike Verveer, District 4, said he was pleased with the police department’s ability to catch the suspect, since the incident did not occur in the location where the suspect was arrested.

“The fact that police found the suspect near Capitol Square and arrested him here is a good thing,” Verveer said. “They made the connection.”

Verveer said he does not know any further details as to why the suspect was in the downtown area Thursday night. He added the suspect’s motive in the case is unclear at this time.