FITCHBURG – The youngest of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s sons stopped by a Fitchburg campaign office Thursday to talk up his father with Election Day approaching.

Craig Romney, the third of former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney’s sons to visit the area since September, shared personal stories about his father and also highlighted his accomplishments with the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and as Massachusetts governor.

“He has a remarkable track record,” Craig Romney said. “But I think there are some greater achievements that await him, and they await him in the White House.”

Thirteen volunteers sat in a modest-sized room at the Fitchburg Victory Center making phone calls for the campaign while another six squeezed into the room before Romney appeared. Volunteers, who ranged from University of Wisconsin students to senior citizens, paused to listen to Mitt Romney’s fifth-born.

He said his father succeeded as CEO and president of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee despite the Olympic bid bribery allegations and severe mismanagement prior to his arrival. Craig Romney said his father helped restore the country’s faith into the games.

He added his father worked with a Democratic-dominant Legislature as governor of Massachusetts, managed to balance the budget without raising taxes and left office with a $2 billion surplus four years later in January 2007.

College Democrats Chair Chris Hoffman said it was interesting Craig Romney chose not to appear at an event closer to the city and UW campus, unlike his other brothers, Tagg and Matt.

“I think that might be indicative of the fact they realize this whole silly narrative that there’s young conservatives that are ready to take on President Obama isn’t really sticking,” he said.

A Rasmussen Reports survey released Thursday showed Mitt Romney is tied with President Barack Obama at 49 percent in Wisconsin, while a Marquette University Law School poll released Wednesday showed Obama in a 51-43 lead.

Election Day, meanwhile, is just four days away.

When asked how the Romney campaign can counter Obama’s presence in Wisconsin, Craig Romney credited his father’s running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., also a Congressman from the state, as well as Gov. Scott Walker.

“We have, obviously, Paul Ryan, who’s from Wisconsin, has been here quite a bit, and the support of Governor Walker – we have some great leaders here from Wisconsin who are supporting my father,” Craig Romney said. “We’re encouraged by what we’re seeing across this state, a surge in enthusiasm for my dad’s candidacy.”

Mitt Romney scheduled a campaign stop in West Allis this past Monday but canceled because of Hurricane Sandy. He since rescheduled and will appear at the State Fair Park this morning. It is his first appearance in the state since August.

John Zancanaro, a volunteer and student at UW who also saw Tagg and Matt Romney visit Madison, said Craig Romney’s pit stop in Fitchburg was encouraging.

“It always helps to see them and that they still care about coming to see us,” he said.