University of Wisconsin Dean of Students Lori Berquam has confirmed the death of a UW student in Smith Hall Monday.

Berquam said the student died of cardiac arrest, according to the family. UW has not released the name of the student, leaving the release up to the student’s family.

Counselors are on the scene, working with students and staff on a processing strategy, she said. Support services will help those who are impacted work through the grief, she added.

“Our hearts go out to the family and friends impacted by this,” Berquam said.

Berquam said the university’s focus is on healing the impact this will have on the community, especially those who may have known the student.

UW will release a statement with more details today, she said.

University of Wisconsin Police Lt. Mark Silbernagel said the death is still under open investigation.

“[UWPD is] hoping to have a few more details in the morning,” he said.

The last student death on campus was Aug. 30 when John “Vietnam” Nguyen was pronounced dead at the hospital after being pulled from Lake Mendota.

Ald. Scott Resnick, District 8, said there have been students who have died on campus from natural causes, but it is very rare.

Resnick noted several suicides in the past, but cannot remember the last time cardiac arrest was the cause, and said he does not know any details regarding the nature of this specific case.

“This is obviously a tragedy, and my heart goes out to the family and friends of this student,” Resnick said. “It’s tragic anytime we lose anyone on campus, and we’re very fortunate that it doesn’t happen regularly.”