After flames flared up in Memorial Union this morning, the Madison Fire Department was called to the building and brought the two-alarm fire under control.

A fire was reported in the Memorial Union theatre this morning and was called into the MFD immediately, Wendy Von Below, project manager for Memorial Union said.

The fire, according to a UW statement, was construction related.

Because of the construction, Alder Scott Resnick, District 8, said the fire was found in a room that was previously being gutted.

“There was nothing much there,” Resnick said.

According to Resnick, a torch tool was being utilized and consequently ignited wax paper, which he believes must have been part of the original building.

The blaze was quickly brought under control at the arrival of the MFD, the statement said, and Boldt, the construction company currently working on the west wing of the building, is assessing damages.

Von Below said, as of right now, the fire caused very minor damages to the surrounding surfaces.

According to Resnick, however, the incident did turn into a two-alarm fire and was of a more critical nature.

“It was a more serious fire,” Resnick said. “Roads were closed.”

Resnick added that one of the firefighters was admitted to the hospital for heat related injuries, but is expected to return to the office later today.

According to Von Below, no other injuries have been reported.