Members of the Mifflin Street neighborhood met Monday night to provide input on a mixed-use apartment building proposal, which will incorporate the fire administration building.

The proposed apartment building would be located at 309 West Johnson under development by Hovde Properties. The building would reach 14 stories with 30 different apartment types.

Ald. Mike Verveer, District 4, held the last neighborhood meeting in April. He said the neighborhood had volunteers form a steering committee, which worked hand in hand with developers for many months.

Mike Slavish, president of Hovde Properties, said they have been working closely with city staff to incorporate the fire administration building. For the construction process, he said the fire administration building and Fire Station 1 would be relocated.

Slavish said the new building would have 255 units and over 300 parking spaces underground. Business space would be available for rent on street level. Above the businesses, on the third floor, would be the new fire administration building.

Slavish said the complex would include 160 bike stalls with more room on wall racks and 45 moped/motorcycle parking spaces. The apartment building would also have an on-site pet walking and grooming area.

Madison Fire Department Assistant Chief Mike Papovich said he appreciated the community taking an active role in the process.

Papovich said the relocation of the fire administration building and Fire Station 1 has yet to be determined.

“We are not 100 percent sure on the location,” he said. “But response times won’t change.”

MFD will continue to run operations just as they do now after relocation, he said. The fire administration has secured a spot on State Street for the administration building with a year and half lease. but nothing has been finalized, he added.

Papovich said it is possible that Fire Station 1’s relocation would involve a merge with another station, like Station 4 on Monroe Street.

“Through risk analysis, we (MFD) will look for what’s best for the community and the fire department,” he said.

If Hovde closes on the property, demolition will begin in December or January. Construction will then start in January 2013.

“All of the plans are subject to full council approval,” Slavish said.

Slavish estimated the price of rental between $1,000-2,000/month, depending on the different types of room setups.

Slavish said their goal is to create a desirable, long-term home for the working class community.

Slavish said if the proposal is passed, Hovde would start making units available July 1, 2014 and continue opening in September.

Verveer said the proposal will go in front of the Madison Plan Commission on Monday, Oct. 15 and if it is passed by City Council, it will be included in the budget on Nov. 27.