A candidate in the potential recall election against Gov. Scott Walker has snagged the endorsement of an influential women’s rights political organization.

EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, announced its endorsement of former Dane County Executive and gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Falk Thursday, according to Falk spokesperson Scot Ross.

“The endorsement by EMILY’s List is an important endorsement,” Ross said. “The fact that Kathleen’s been endorsed by them based on her record, her experience and her ability to get the job done, will only build momentum for her campaign to defeat Walker and restore openness, accountability and transparency to the governor’s office.”

EMILY’s List cited several reasons for its decision to endorse Falk in their statement, including her commitment to women’s health and workers’ rights.

EMILY’s List’s President Stephanie Schriock said in statement that Falk kept a balanced budget for 14 years during her time as Dane County executive and continued to fight for “progressive values.”

Falk expressed
gratitude for the endorsement from EMILY’s List in her statement.

“I am so honored to have earned the endorsement of EMILY’s List,” Falk said. “EMILY’s List has been instrumental in electing strong, pro-choice women across the country, including nine governors, and I am grateful for all they will do for our campaign.”

EMILY’s List also released a statement that said the nation may enter 2013 with no female Democratic governors in office– an issue that the organization hopes to address with its nomination of Falk and future women political actors.

The organization boasts a membership of over one million, according to the statement. The organization has raised more than $38 million in its goal of supporting women candidates for 27 years. EMILY’s list among the country’s largest political action committees.

“The EMILY’s List community now stands at more than one million members strong, and we are ready to take action to ensure that more pro-choice Democratic women like Kathleen run for governor – and win,” the statement said. “We know this recall election will be a tough fight, but we will stand strong with Kathleen all the way.”

Falk is not the only challenger Walker is set to face in the recall. Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, D-Alma has also come forward as a gubernatorial hopeful.