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Sexual Assault

A report from the Madison Police Department said a woman contacted officials Saturday saying she believed she had been sexually assaulted after a man she did not know offered to walk her home from a bar and entered her apartment.

MPD spokesperson Joel DeSpain said the woman, 27, was not entirely sure what had happened but had been drinking, which may have attributed to her unclear recollection of the incidents of the night.

Additionally, DeSpain said the woman’s debit card was taken and used by the suspect.

“This is likely a case of acquaintance sexual assault, even if she had not known the suspect very long,” DeSpain said.

He said this was not an instance of someone breaking into a residence and assaulting the victim, or the victim being assaulted on the street.

DeSpain said once a detective can talk to the woman, they will have more information on what transpired.



Officers were called to a hospital after an 18-year-old male victim was admitted with a broken jaw early Sunday morning, a MPD report said.

DeSpain said the victim, a University of Wisconsin student, was unable to provide much information and was intoxicated. A detective has been assigned to follow up on the case.

The victim came home to his dorm room injured and his roommate helped him, DeSpain said.

The Dean of Students’ office, which DeSpain contacted, said the student recalled more of the incident when he spoke with a university official at the office.

DeSpain said when crimes involving UW students arise, he contacts the dean’s office so the university can reach out to the victims and give them whatever support they need.


Sexual Assault

A 43-year-old woman reported she was sexually assaulted Jan. 29 at a day shelter when a 60-year-old man touched her inappropriately, a police report said.

The report said the man, Kenneth Archer of Madison, was arrested for fourth-degree sexual assault after the victim said he touched her through her jeans.

Ald. Bridget Maniaci, District 2, said it is very rare to see instances of sexual assault in this area.

“It hasn’t happened for a while,” Maniaci said. “I can’t remember the last time it happened in this neighborhood.”

According to the report, the assault happened when the victim and others at the shelter were viewing a video.


Animal Complaint – Disturbance

A 7-month-old pit bull terrier was tasered Jan. 31 after attacking its owner and two other pedestrians, a MPD report said.

Maniaci said this is a rare incident in the East Washington area, because it is largely composed of rental properties, very few of which have pets. She said she knows of only one other incident within the last nine months that involved aggressive animals.

The report said the dog initially attacked its owner and then two passersby who attempted to help her.

Maniaci said Public Health and MPD will be following up with both the owner of the animal and the owner of the property.